The Story Behind Faulty Stone

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Who is Faulty Stone ?

Hi there ! My name is Simon and I’m the person behind the one man business that is Faulty Stone ! I’m originally from Québec City, Canada (French Canadian) but I’ve now been living in the United Kingdom since March 2018. Back when I was living in Québec, I was working professionally as a Barista in the Specialty coffee industry. I even competed in latte art competitions (yes, I swear it is a thing). I’ve always dreamed of having my own little business and I always thought that a café & fresh bakery would be where that dream would take me but upon moving to the UK it took a different turn.

What is Faulty Stone ?

After being in the UK for six months, things started to get a bit boring and lonesome. One of my co-workers at the time had told me about that little evening pottery session she had booked at a studio in town and she recommended I should try it… What would I loose in trying ? I had never touched clay prior to this date and it was love at first sight. After finishing the first block of classes, I had already booked in the next twelves other weeks. I quickly became obsessed and became a member of the local studio and from there Faulty Stone was born for the main reason that I wanted to stop spamming my friends social medias with my pottery related stuff. The name Faulty Stone came to me a bit out of frustration, everything I was making at the start had little faults or little defect that made them unique. It took me a while to let go of the idea that all pots need to be perfect and that it’s those little difference and imperfection that makes each item truly unique.

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Where is Faulty Stone ?

Slowly building my name in the city of Leicester, things have been moving forward in the space of two years. In November 2020, I decided to start looking for my own studio space. I had quickly outgrown the communal pottery space that I had been a member since my very beginning. Luckily for me, I managed to find a little studio gem over at StudionAme, on the outskirts of Leicester city centre. I invested in a brand-new wheel & kiln and some little furniture and have been making from there ever since.