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Volcano Mug Olive Satin Green
Volcano Mug Olive Satin Green

Volcano Mug Olive Satin Green

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 Ø9cm W12cm (with handle) H10cm ≈430-460ml

I am a big fan of large coffee mugs and this mug design is one of my all time favourite. It can hold enough coffee for me to be happy for a little while and also I can fit all my fingers in the handles, giving me the best grip possible.

Sizes & Holding capacity may vary between pieces. 

Ceramic pieces containing hot liquid can become very warm to the touch, so please be careful when handling theses pieces.

My pieces have been thrown on the wheel and although quite similar, variation in sizes and shape may happen. Fired at high temperature to 1250C, they are Food Safe, Microwave safe & Dishwasher Safe (although for a longer lifespan and to avoid any breakages, hand-wash is recommended).