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[Raffle] Set of 2 Norii Silver Lining Mug
[Raffle] Set of 2 Norii Silver Lining Mug
[Raffle] Set of 2 Norii Silver Lining Mug

[Raffle] Set of 2 Norii Silver Lining Mug

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 Ø10cm H7cm ≈350-400ml

These mugs are decorated with a black underglaze that meets the white glaze in the middle, creating a beautiful light blue on some pieces. Platinum lustre lining.

Sizes & Holding capacity may vary between pieces. 

Ceramic pieces containing hot liquid can become very warm to the touch, so please be careful when handling theses pieces.

Theses mugs are NOT suitable for the microwave or the dishwasher.

My pieces have been thrown on the wheel and although quite similar, variation in sizes and shape may happen. My mugs are made out of Staffordshire Stoneware clay from Potclays. Fired at high temperature to 1240C. Note that this particular stoneware clay has a certain grit to it and although the bottoms have been sanded, grit may still occur.  


Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Fundraising Raffle for @giveusashoutinsta


You can purchase a raffle “ticket” for £3 for a chance of winning a set of two Norii Mugs. You can purchase as many ”tickets” as you would like and each tickets gives you a chance of winning. I will randomly select the winner on the 21st of April and all the money will be donated to Give Us A Shout. The raffle is open for International entries too if you fancy supporting a good cause and maybe helping someone struggling.


Trigger Warning: This post will talk about mental health & suicide and might a sensitive subject for some people.


I’ve been wanting to do something for many years now for this special cause that’s close to my heart and decided that now was the time. With Faulty Stone growing more and more, I’ve decided to use this platform for something good and try to make a difference for people in need.


6 years ago, I’ve lost my dad to suicide. 5 years ago, I’ve lost my grandad to suicide. No matter how many times I’ve tried to talk about it in the past, it never really gets easier. I wish some things could have been different, I wish I could have made more of an effort and not brush away their mental health problems, I wish I would have been more receptive to the signs and most of all I wish I would have picked up the phone in the last month prior to my dad’s passing. In the UK alone, 11 persons commits suicide a day. No one should have to feel this bad about themselves and that suicide is the only answer to make things better.


I’m asking you today to take part in this charity raffle but most importantly, I’m asking you to be there for the people around in your life that needs it. Do not dismiss threats and think to yourself; this person will never do it, it’s okay. It is not okay. There are so many resources out there for people struggling with depression & mental health but there’s also resources for you guys and how to support someone with suicidal thoughts. One text, one phone call answered can make a difference to someone in need. Be there.


We know that men are susceptible to a higher rate then women when it comes to the statistics. It’s okay not to be okay. It’s okay to open up and talk about how we feel. We do not need to keep this toxic culture of “Man Up!” “Be a man!”. Let’s normalize talking about how we feel, crying if we need to so that we can start healing. If there’s no one around you that you want or can talk to, there are charity out there to help you either if you’re just being stressed out, overwhelmed, sad or in need of immediate help.






Theses Norii mugs represent the Silver Lining of this. Taking theses traumatic events of my life and trying to turn them into something good, hoping that it will make a difference for someone.