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Noodles Bowl Butter Yellow w/ Chopsticks

Noodles Bowl Butter Yellow w/ Chopsticks

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 Ø17-18cm H9-10cm ≈650-750ml

These ramen bowls are one of my favourite piece. Ramen & noodle dish are one of my absolute favourite food to eat and I really wanted to make some bowl for myself at home. After making my first one, I thought that they were so nice that I couldn't keep them as a secret... I had to make more !

Each bowl will come with a pair of wooden chopsticks !

Sizes, Shapes, Holding capacity may vary between pieces. 

Ceramic pieces containing hot liquid can become very warm to the touch, so please be careful when handling theses pieces.

My pieces have been thrown on the wheel and although quite similar, variation in sizes and shape may happen. My mugs are made out of Staffordshire Stoneware clay from Potclays. Fired at high temperature to 1250C, they are Food Safe, Microwave Safe, Oven Safe & Dishwasher Safe (although for a longer lifespan and to avoid any breakages, hand-wash is recommended). Note that this particular stoneware clay has a certain grit to it and although the bottoms have been sanded, grit may still occur.